We felt the need to communicate, express ourselves, make a call, send a message of love, evaluate a service, schedule an appointment, buy an item for a gift, entertain a child or yourself, watch a movie, and we have always done it to de-stress, because we are dissatisfied or to investigate, solve, have fun, learn and teach, because our daily digital life is made up of moments, and those moments of color make a pleasant experience in walking. We take care of that.



We digitally create the unimaginable, turning emotions into extraordinary moments.


When one knows and loves what we do, you just bring forth success, and turn dreams into realities that improve that particular moment.


When, for someone else, a project has come to an end; for us, a new has just begun.

What do we do?

Mobile application development

IOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry applications

Game Design and development

Juegos para las diferentes plataformas digitales

Design and Development of web platforms

HTML5, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and web responsive

Digital Development

Maybe you need a tool which so far it does not exist. You have a clear-cut need, but you are at a loss, as to how to turn it into a reality and then implement it. That´s where we fit in! Kreativeco can develop it and help you in the process as well!

User Experience Analysis
Concept Definition
Graphic proposal development
Digital development
Stress tests
Delivery and maintenance as needed

User´s experience analysis

By fully understanding our user, we can structure that experience and imbue this concept into the final product or tool. We are always aware this product or tool must be both dynamic and intuitive and, at the same time, it must solve real problems.

End-user analysis
Definition of concepts and requirements
Measurement of use and habits
Development and / or Adaptation
Delivery and maintenance


We use this technique to achieve dynamic results and user integration. We do this by creating an experience that will encourage the user to refer to and achieve professional goals. Our approach is always based on models and on learning structures.

Definition of Gamification elements
Development of graphic proposal
Development of dynamics
Stress testing
Delivery and maintenance

E-Learning & mobile Learning

We design digital tools focused on learning. This in turn helps the user generate knowledge on a day-to-day implementation, and through a permanent up-grading of his/her professional performance.

Content analysis
Concept and Dynamics Definitions
Definition of elements that motivate interest
Development of a graphic proposal
Stress tests
Deliveries and maintenance as needed
Scorm packaging (if required)

New technologies

Nowadays, both technology and user needs are in constant change. Therefore, we must keep up-to-date with our users´, co-workers´, and clients´requirements.

Problem evaluation of our user´s experience, Gamification or LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
Diagnoses of end-user´s problems and needs
Development of digital solutions, product or training proposal.
Delivery, maintenance and adjustments as may be required by new needs that may have arisen.

Content creation

Nowadays, every creative action must have a trustworthy and interesting content that will provide new knowledge to the final user. As an integral part of the launching strategy, maintenance and tool development, we assist our clients with evaluation and content generation.

Definitions and requirements as needed
Structure design and strategy
Contents design
Publishing and handling


Our tools target normally diverse markets. By understanding the market, we know that these tools or digital solutions cannot be launched exclusively in just one language.




  • Una forma diferente de vivir los proyectos

    Esta metodología nos ayuda a entender que no es un tema de edad, objetivos, educación o forma de ver la vida. El ser humano disfruta los momentos divertidos, el trabajo en equipo, la compitiendo y vivir su logros. Nosotros te ayudamos a estructurar parámetros, reglas y formas para tener una competencia sana y eficiente en tu equipo de trabajo. Logrando como resultado el superar los objetivos personales, de equipo y empresa.



    The Oracle

    Passion for the new technologies, leader of supervision and logistics, master of the legendary "as you go" and the terrifying ☺



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